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From the design perspective I think about this watch is the pre-cursor from the audemars piguet rubens barrichello replica watch. Consider the two watches and you will concur this Rubens Barrichello special edition watch has design cues that made their distance to the Surviror see a couple of years late. Not the identical looks, but area of the same breed. Included in this are both your hands, dial design, light vertical texturing (begin to see the strap links here) along with the crown and pusher design. The pictured watch was part way there after which Audemars Piguet just went the length using the Survivor. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubens Barrichello watch is made in recognition from the namesake Brazilian F1 race vehicle driver. For whatever reason Brazilian race vehicle motorists appears is the subject of numerous top end sport watches from not just Audemars Piguet, but additionally other brands for example Hublot and Richard Mille - can't state that I understand why.

The APWatches.net timepiece was offered in 2006 in three limited versions. 500 in 18k pink gold, 150 in 950 platinum, and 1000 within the pictured titanium. The bezel and pushers are completed in black ceramic, another compound that made its distance to the AP survivor watch. You cannot tell here, however the caseback from the watch comes with an engraved F1 race vehicle controls. Using its aggressive looks, the timepiece seems bigger than. The situation is 42mm wide. The dial from the watch is readable in obvious Royal Oak Offshore tradition. Spot the different colored subdial hands colors for any cute touch (vibrant Brazilian flag colors at this).

Also note the way the dial is partly skeletonized having a view in to the movement with the grated section in the centre that will normally display AP's Mega Tapestry dial pattern. This really is interesting because it is among the earlier contemporary skeletonized watches www.cmblogwatch.net - which within the last couple of years is becoming very well-liked by luxury sport (and otherwise) watches.

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